If you want to learn English or hone your knowledge and skills, you have found the right place. with a clear vocation for training (personal and professional), at TAKE OFF AND SPEAK we specialize in our field.

  • Courses for boys and girls

    Small groups, homogeneous in age and level. 1 or 2 hours a week. Material and games made by the teaching staff.

  • Courses for young people, adults and university students

    Small groups, homogeneous in age and level.
    Private and conversational classes.

  • Courses for companies

    Courses for all types of companies and a wide range of sectors. Interactive classrooms. Possibility of travel.

  • Preparation courses for official exams

    Small groups, homogeneous in age and level.
    Preparation for official exams.

  • Business English classes

    We offer language training courses for entrepreneurs or professionals who want to learn or improve their level.

  • Adult conversation classes

    Courses aimed at adults who want to improve their fluency when having a conversation.

Summer Camp 2022
For boys and girls from 3 to 12 years old

Informative face-to-face meeting, Thursday 26 May, in the La Salle Palamós school's library at 7.30 pm.

Summer Camp July from 1 to 31 and August from 1 to 14.

FAMILY DISCOUNTS: 1 BROTHER 10%, +2 BROTHERS 15%. Deadline to register at the Summer Camp: 15/05/2022. Online registration via email: monicatakeoffandspeak@gmail.com.

  • Are you interested in our center?

    It will be a pleasure for us to show you our work.
    Stop by our center and take the opportunity to enjoy a completely free and no-obligation test session.

  • Our methodology

    The Take Off and Speak method is a creative and revolutionary method in teaching English.

  • Students

    All students have the resources to learn the school methodology, quickly, efficiently and with minimal effort, to be able to get the basics to speak and write English.

  • Teachers

    The main goal is to improve the methodology so that for both primary, secondary, high school or adult students, learn English
    not an impediment but quite the opposite.

  • Continued avaluation

    At the end of each month, oral and written comprehension and expression, grammar and vocabulary are assessed. During the last 15 minutes of each class students do an interactive test of what has been taught during the class.

  • New technologies

    The school always tries to take advantage of all these advantages, to ensure that both the teacher and the student can carry out their tasks in the most appropriate way.

Don't hesitate and register!

Don't hesitate and register!

Don't hesitate, fill out our form and register for Take Off and Speak.

You will learn English quickly and effectively!